🧰Loan Guarantee Program

OpenSky loan guarantees are powerful catalysts to attract NFT enthusiasts or NFT Capital Funds who want to invest in and acquire high quality NFT digital assets at highly attractive valuations by backstopping Instant loans on OpenSky Finance, a time-based NFT lending protocol.

As we know, OpenSky borrowers use their blue chip NFTs(like BAYC and CryptoPunks) to take out a loan instantly for 40% of the floor price. If the borrower doesn’t extend or repay the loan within 30 days, the loan will default and the NFT will be transferred to the Guarantor.

The OpenSky Instant loan Guarantor will be granted exclusive rights to acquire Blue Chip NFTs at an attractive discount (60% of floor price within a 30 day window) in case of defaults by Instant loan borrowers and earn yield from aave.com and Instant loan interest.

The OpenSky Guarantee Program aims to

Allow Guarantors to have special liquidation rights while protecting the OpenSky Instant loan protocol and allowing normal lenders to withdraw their capital at any time and providing sustainable and safe income to all lenders.

OpenSky Guarantees are suitable for

  • DeFi x NFT or NFT-focused VC funds with large pools of risk capital ready to be deployed

  • Crypto hedge funds with an NFT mandate

  • Other large DeFi players who want to earn sustainable real yield with the chance to acquire rare

  • Blue Chip NFTs at a 40% discount NFT communities or NFT Investment DAOs

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the OpenSky team over the live chat within the app or in the discord.

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