🚁OSKY Tokenomics

The OpenSky Token, or $OSKY, is the OpenSky Protocol’s governance token. OpenSkyDAO β€” made up of $OSKY holders and delegators β€” governs the OpenSky Protocol. The governance system uses a weighted voting system in which the amount of $OSKY tokens held determines voting power.

Benefits of holding $OSKY include:

  • Deployment and ownership of OpenSky smart contracts;

  • Vote on protocol parameters, such as interest fee changes and NFT whitelist inclusion and deletion;

  • Staking and Yield Farming;

  • Govern the DAO Treasury.

$OSKY Token Allocation and Distribution

  • Free Launchpad: 1.2%; (Distributed at TGE)

  • Team & Advisors: 13.8% (Locked for 6 months with linear vesting over 18 months);

  • Investors: 21% (Locked for 3 months with linear vesting over 18 months);

  • Community: 51% (Tokens will be allocated based on DAO governance votes with a preference for low token inflation. Tokens will be used for Airdrops, Staking, Farming, Business Development, KOLs, Referrals, etc.);

  • DAO Treasury: 9% (Locked for 6 months with linear vesting over 48 months);

  • Initial Liquidity: 4%.

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach out to the OpenSky team via live chat or in the discord.

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